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2019 Coloring Contest

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2018 Sponsors

http://www.yorkdispatch.com/story/news/local/2017/08/15/22nd-annual-hanover-chili-cook-off-heating-up/555696001/   We are in the process of soliciting Sponsors and Chili Cooks for the 2018 Hanover Chili Cook Off, a community fund raising event. Please email: hanovercookoff@yahoo.com for details if you want to join the fun with these supporters. pic.twitter.com/OSAN9lkp79 — hanovercookoff (@hanovercookoff) April 29, 2018 NEWS LINKS: Chili, sweet potatoes and salsa:...
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2017 Beneficiaries

Over twenty years ago the Hanover Chili Cook Off was started as a way to give something back to the Hanover community. With meager results early on, this event has grown and grown. In fact, over the years the Cook Off has donated over $500,000 to local non-profit organizations. From the beginning it was...
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22nd Annual Hanover Chili Cook Off 2017 Winners

PA Keystone Cup – Open Chili 1st Place – Nathan Gramm – Trailer Trash Chili 2nd Place – Chris Johnson – Sneaky Petes Chili 3rd Place – Randy Allen – Dire Wolf Chili 4th Place – Cory Heikel – Mississippi ½ Step Uptown 5th Place – Chip Welsh – Tennessee Jed’s Red 6th Place...
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2017 Coloring Contest Winners

Age 3 to 5: Nataleigh R. of Hanover Age 6 to 8: Mirium N. of Hanover Age 9 to 12: Riley S. of Hanover
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2017 Hanover Chili Cook Off Results, 9/3/17

ICS SALSA #14 entries 1. Sarah Singleton 2. Lisa Levy 3. Judi Omerza 4. Jonathan Everin 5. Randy Allen ICS CHILI VERDE #20 entries 1. Gary Ray 2. Darin Jester 3. Mario Saccoccio 4. Randy Allen 5. Mike Singleton Also on FINALS TABLE: Gary Ray Tony Poulin Mike Singleton Bob Krumrine Sarah Singleton Mike...
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Follow @hanovercookoff – The Cook Off is a staple for community fun and fund raising. Chili, music, magic and more!

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2017 Jalapeno Pepper Eating Contest

The fastest jalapeno pepper eaters on September 3, 2017. Posted by SGC Snapshots on Monday, September 4, 2017 Thanks to Chili’s Grill & Bar for supporting this fun!  
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The Hanover Chili Cook Off is heating up

http://www.yorkdispatch.com/story/news/local/2017/08/15/22nd-annual-hanover-chili-cook-off-heating-up/555696001/ Google Map Directions Link
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