22nd Annual Hanover Chili Cook Off 2017 Winners

PA Keystone Cup – Open Chili
1st Place – Nathan Gramm – Trailer Trash Chili
2nd Place – Chris Johnson – Sneaky Petes Chili
3rd Place – Randy Allen – Dire Wolf Chili
4th Place – Cory Heikel – Mississippi ½ Step Uptown
5th Place – Chip Welsh – Tennessee Jed’s Red
6th Place – Amber Willis –
7th Place – Doug Johnson – Eagles Chili
8th Place – Chris West – Wild West Chili
9th Place – Matt Allbright – 3 Hoggs BBQ
10th Place – Dan Arter – Bops of Hazzard

People’s Choice 2017
1st Place – Matt Allbright – 3 Hoggs BBQ

Good Samaritan 2017
1st Place – Dan Arter – Bops of Hazzard

Showmanship 2017
First Place – Dan Arter -Bops of Hazzard

Last Cook Standing 2017
1 Wild West Chili – Chris West
2 Bops of Hazzard – Dan Arter
3 3 Hoggs BBQ – Matt Allbright
4 Triple J – Mike Staub
5 Hellbelly Chili – Jason Willis
6 This Porridge is too Hot – Jason Stambaugh
7 Snyders of Hanover

Ghon Eckley Memorial Youth Chili
Competition 2016

1st Place – Connor Gramm – Trailer Trash II

Trophy, Beginners Ski/Snowbard pass for Ski Liberty ½ Day and $250.00


The Hanover Chili Cook Off is a community staple for family entertainment, chili tasting, raising funds for local nonprofit organizations, built around the PA State Chili Cooking Championship. Local bands, The Kelly Bell Band, a magician, a juggler, a face painter and many varieties of chili are the highlights of the day. Good food and beverage concessions too!