• Can we bring our tent & chairs?

Tents no, chairs yes. Please be considerate to other guests at the event when setting out your chairs. We DO install a big tent with tables & chairs for all to use.

  • Can we bring our pet?

No, it is usually too hot & too crowded for the safety of your pet. Only service animals are allowed.

  • Who makes money from the Cook Off?

This is a 100% Volunteer driven event with 100% of proceeds donated to local non-profit organizations. See the full list of beneficiaries on the Cook Off web site.

  • How do I buy beer at the Cook Off?

To be able to purchase beer you must show a photo ID, YES EVERYONE must produce ID to get a wristband (That is the most painful step for some). There are three (3) booths to purchase tickets which are then exchanged for your choice of beer from numerous serving stations. So, DO NOT forget your photo ID!

  • Are kids welcome? How much does it cost for them?

Yes, kids are welcome. We keep adding things for the next generation of chili fans to do during the day. Chili fans 12 and under are admitted at no cost.

  • Is there a military discount?

Yes, active military are admitted FREE with ID.

  • Can we have a cook out?

No, there will be a number of food trucks where you can purchase food a la cart’.

  • I want to bring my own beer, is that OK?

No, PA State law prohibits outside alcohol in licensed spaces like the Cook Off and you will need photo ID to purchase beer.

  • Is there an admission fee?

  • Cash or credit card?

Admission and beverage tickets are CASH ONLY but the is an ATM onsite.

  • What’s the refund policy?

The event will be held rain or shine with no refunds.

  • What can I bring into the event?

Your appetite for chili, fun and a chair if you want one! Outside food and drink are not permitted. Bags are subject to search at the gate, and guests will be asked to dispose of food or drink before entering the event. Pets are not allowed. Strollers will be inspected

  • Does every stand have chili?

Please understand that the many local Cooks will have chili to serve all day, these teams will create 40 to 60 gallons of chili for you to enjoy. But some Cooks traveling from States away will run out after they serve their 4 gallons.

  • Can I VOLUNTEER to help?

YES, need we say more! Email: hanoverchilicookoff@yahoo.com and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact.

  • Where is the nearest ATM?

There is an ATM on site.

  • How are the winners Chosen?

There are many competitions during the day. The ICS Red Chili, Chili Verde, Salsa, Youth Chili and PA State Championship are judged by a panel of experienced Chili Judges. The coveted Good Samaritan you would vote with dollars and the highly competitive Peoples Choice you vote by texting the Cook’s number to a local phone, only ONE VOTE per phone number.

  • Do I need ID?

Obviously, you didn’t read #4 and 8. YES, you have to have photo ID to buy beer!

  • Didn’t the Ticket price go up?

Yes, the real world has come home to Hanover. The ticket increase will go to purchasing “green” compostable tasting cups & spoons. Wanna’ save even more garbage space? Bring your own cup and spoon.

  • Why do I need my ID, I’m 44?

Really, we don’t care how old you are but the PA Liquor Control Board does, we need to verify your ID!

  • Chili

Every year 8 to 12 Cooking Teams are still serving chili when the gates close, so please don’t say you can’t find any chili. True many Cooks will run out of their 4 gallons early but if you look you will find enough to eat your fill.