2023 Results

Congratulations to all these ICS winners! What a GREAT day you had!!

ICS Red Chili Winners:

1st – Joe Harter / 2nd – Jason Willis / 3rd – Sarah Singleton / 4th -Beverly King / 5th -Jeff Yohn

ICS Youth Red Chili Winners:

1st – Anthony KorPhaze / 2nd Jeremy Levy / 3rd -Brook Richcreek

ICS Verde Chili Winners:

1st – Randy Allen / 2nd – Joe Harter / 3rd -Matt Levy / 4th -Daniel Richcreek / 5th -Jeff Yohn

ICS Salsa Winners:

1st – Nathan Gramm / 2nd – Jason Willis / 3rd – Sarah Singleton / 4th -James McCusker / 5th -Judith Omerza

PA Keystone Open Winners:

1st – Daniel Richcreek / 2nd – Sebastian Allen / 3rd – Cory Heikel / 4th -Randy Allen / 5th -Jeff Yohn / 6th -Jason Willis / 7th -Mike Singelton / 8th -Chip Welsh / 9th -Lyndon Lickel

Commerical Chili Challenge Winner:

Feeling Cockey

People’s Choice Winner:

Claire’s Restaurants

Good Samaritan Winner:

Desiree Murray

Showmanship Winner:

Ricky Weaver

A BIG “Thank you” to EVERYONE that came out to support such a GREAT fundraising event! It was a success because of YOU!!!