2019 Awards

2019 CHAMPIONS People’s Choice – 3 HOGS Chili
Good Samaritan – That Chili got Beans, Alan Bean
Last Cook Standing – Retired Capt. Joe’s, Joe Munchel
Showmanship – Wild West Chili, Chris West
Commercial Chili Challenge – Appalachian Brewing Company
ICS Homestyle Chili – Randy Allen, Dire Wolf Chili
ICS Chili Verde – Jason Willis, Hellbelly Chili
ICS Ghon Eckley Memorial Youth Chili – “Bootch” Levy
ICS Traditional Red Chili – Bev King
PA State Keystone Cup Champion – Nathan Gramm, returning
PA State Champion

*PEOPLE’S CHOICE by ticket votes: 3 HOGS BBQ
GOOD SAMARITAN AWARD by cash donations: That Chili got Beans, Alan Bean
LAST COOK STANDING, serving chili at 4:00 pm
Retired Capt. Joe – Drawing winner
Wild West Chili
3 HOGS BBQ Chili
Triple J’s Smokin’ Chili
Money 4 Law Chili
Big Chippers BBQ Chili
Hellbelly Chili
Fat Chuck’s Chili

COMMERCIAL CHILI CHALLENGE: Appalachian Brewing Company, Battlefield

GHON ECKLEY MEMORIAL YOUTH CHILI Cooks under age 17: Jeremy “Booch Magoo” Levy, 5 Fart Chili
2. Connor Gramm, Trailer Trash Jr.
3. Jonathan Eckley
4. Emily Donnely, Hellbelly Jr. Chili,
5. Lucy Laughlin, Ragin’ Red Eye Jr.
ICS HOMESTYLE: Randy Allen, Dire Wolf Chili
2. Jeff Yohn, Desperado Chili
3. Jason Willis, Hellbelly Chili
4. Cory Heikle, Mississippi ½ Step Uptown
5. Mike Staub, Triple J Smokin’ Chili

ICS CHILI VERDE: Jason Willis, Hellbelly Chili
2. Sarah Singleton, Tail Gator Chili
3. Nathan Gramm, Trailer Trash Chili
4. Randy Allen, Dire Wolf Chili
5. George Ryffel, George’s Curious Chili
ICS TRADITIONAL RED CHILI: Bev King, Great Bowls of Fire
2. Matt Levy, 5 Fart Chili
3. Nathan Gramm, Trailer Trash Chili
4. Tana Harter, Flight Risk Chili
5. David Ronge, Davey’s Spice Rack

Nathan Gramm, Trailer Trash Chili, returning Champion
2. Cory Heikle, Mississippi ½ Step
3. Liz Welsh,
4. Jason Willis, Hellbelly Chili
5 Randy Allen, Dire Wolf Chili
6. Chris West, Wild West Chili
7. Dan Melhorn, Berkshire Hathaway
8. Dave Ronge, Davey’s Spice Rack
9. Juile Omerza, Chili Willie Chili
10. Billy Laughlin, Bob’s Ragin’ Red Eye Chili


The Hanover Chili Cook Off is a community staple for family entertainment, chili tasting, raising funds for local nonprofit organizations, built around the PA State Chili Cooking Championship.